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Register for your account. Let us know about any dietary restrictions or other important information so we can best serve you. You can add information for multiple people if you are sharing a plan.

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Colorado clients can subscribe for the 6-meal weekly plan or the full 10-meal per week monthly plan, which is delivered twice weekly. Monthly clients may choose from our Denver Metro Area free pickup locations from Boulder to Littleton to save the shipping costs. See map below for a list of locations and pickup times. Out of state clients can enjoy our 6-meal weekly service, which is delivered fresh (NEVER frozen) each Wednesday to cure your Crockpot Fatigue! We also have three portion size options to choose from. Medium works for most women, large for most men & XL plans are available for those with a big appetite. You can always change the portion size later if needed.

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FedEx delivers directly to your doorstep anywhere in the country, and we also have free pickup locations throughout the Denver Metro Area for our monthly clients.  Our weekly service is best for out-of-state clients because there is only 1 shipment per week and it reduces the overall shipping costs.

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Heat up your meals according to the instructions and enjoy a simplified paleo lifestyle with an around the world menu that changes each week!

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Free Pick-Up Locations

Pick-up is easy. We have multiple free pick-up locations in the Denver area. Clients who select a free pick-up location must pick up their meals each Monday & Wednesday between 11am-7pm, with specific pickup times for each location. Free pickup clients receive two Caveman Cafeteria coolers which are recycled each pick-up cycle.

Here’s how it works: You pick up your first cooler on the Monday when your subscription begins. You return that empty cooler (with rinsed-out containers & ice packs) on Wednesdays. You will pick up a second cooler on Wednesdays, which you will return the following Monday.

Delivery to your Doorstep

You can get Caveman Cafeteria delivered directly to any doorstep in America by FedEx.

Monthly clients receive 6 meals on Wednesday that last through Sunday and 4 meals on Friday or Saturday (depending on shipping method chosen) that last through Tuesday. Meals arrive in insulated boxes to ensure they stay fresh until you can place them in the refrigerator. You can always change your delivery preferences if needed.

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