Paleo Nutritional Coaching

Heather Kelly: Paleo Diet & Psychology of Eating Expert

Caveman Cafeteria is fortunate enough to have an amazing in-house nutritionist that can help you get the most out of our meal service.

You can contact Heather at, and be sure to check out her website

Heather offers one on one nutrition and psychology of eating coaching over the phone and via Skype. She has helped hundreds of people develop a nutrition plan that gets them results in the gym and relax around food.

In your session with Heather, she will ask you a wide variety of questions regarding:

What are your primary goals? What does your current training program entail?

What does your current diet look like? What is your weight and diet history?

How is your current relationship with food? What are your primary stressors? Work? Relationship? Training? Body image?

In your sessions with Heather, you will learn what you need to eat to achieve your goals as well as why. Heather will educate you on the fundamentals of nutrition, as well as the psychology of eating. By learning about and exploring your relationship with food, you will better equipped to make healthy diet choices for a lifetime.

To learn more about Heather and why she is so passionate about working with you, visit

To book your sessions with Heather, you can click on the links below.

Single Session $150

Five Session Package $625

To inquire about session availability, please email

Read client testimonials here.

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